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A Work to Residence Visa in New Zealand Could be the Best Way Forward

In an increasingly mobile world, greater numbers of people than ever before are choosing to leave their country of birth, and emigrate to a country they hope will provide better opportunities for themselves, family and children. With its high living standards and reputation for a healthier lifestyle, lower property prices and more favourable tax laws, New Zealand continues to be a favoured destination.

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Temporary Work Visa:

For the majority of would be immigrants, applying for a temporary work visa is the favoured path to obtaining a full residence visa. As one would expect, to be granted a work to residence visa in New Zealand, certain criteria have to be met.

To be allowed to enter the country, your passport has to be valid until at least three months after you are due to leave, you have to be of good character and good health, and have a genuine desire to work in New Zealand.

If you have already received a job offer, make sure your visa is the right one for the occupation concerned. While nothing is guaranteed, your occupation or job offer being listed on the government’s Essential Skills Shortage List, will greatly improve your chances of obtaining a temporary work visa.

The 2014/15 statistics released by the New Zealand government showed 93% of 11,845 persons who were approved for a skilled/business residence visa, previously held a temporary visa. Of those temporary visas, 96% were work visas.

Work visas may also be granted to those with exceptional sporting talents or who have a recognised ability in the arts, but these must be backed by sponsorship from a nationally recognised organisation.

Work to Residence Visa:

Having worked in your chosen occupation for a minimum of two years without problems, you then have the option of continuing to renew your work visa, or begin application for a residence visa.

Again there are certain criteria to be met. You have to be under 56 when you become a resident, so applying for a work visa at 53 should be considered the cut-off point if your intention is to gain full residency.

While no immigration process is easy, New Zealand has a number of excellent immigration consultants whose sole aim is to help and assist would be emigrants through the whole process. From applying for your first temporary work visa, all the way through to gaining your New Zealand residence visa, their highly qualified consultants will help every step of the way.

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