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All the Perks: Reasons Why You Should Get a Visa to New Zealand Today

According to HSBC’s 2014 Expat Explorer Survey, New Zealand is the best place to raise a family if you’re an expat. More specifically, respondents said that the country offered better safety for their kids, while also promoting a healthy outdoor-focused lifestyle.
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It’s not surprising, then, why many skilled workers are interested in getting a visa to New Zealand. But aside from being a haven for families, there also many other perks that immigrants to the country will appreciate, such as:
English Speaking Country
As you’ve no doubt heard, English in the main language spoken in the country. This makes New Zealand an excellent option for migrants from English-speaking countries. Sure, Kiwis have their own brand of English (colloquially called Kiwinglish), but as long as you have a strong grasp of the language, you’ll fit right in.
Friendly People
A lot of migrants are surprised at how friendly New Zealanders are, whether they’re talking to shop clerks or asking directions from people on the street. Indeed, moving to another country can be a big challenge, but when you’re dealing with people as accommodating as Kiwis, the adjustment becomes that much easier.
Excellent Work-Life Balance
Sure, there are a lot of job opportunities in New Zealand and yes, a lot is expected from workers here, whether locals or migrants. That being said, the country has a strong culture of fostering work-life balance. In fact, the 2015 edition of HSBC's  Expat Explorer survey ranks New Zealand second for work-life balance.
World-Class Education

If you plan to eventually bring your family over to New Zealand, you’ll be glad to know that the country earns top marks when it comes to quality of education. According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), New Zealand is one of the top 20 countries with the best education in the world. This is because the country deeply believes that education should give everyone a fair shot in life, instead of giving a select few a distinct advantage.
Less Congested
While New Zealand is roughly as big as Japan, it is much less crowded, offering people more breathing room. You’re never more than an hour away from breathtaking sights like verdant fields or stunning natural attractions, all of which you can take time to enjoy.
Of course, the first step to enjoying these perks is securing a visa. To make the process as efficient and hassle-free as possible, consider working with a licensed immigration adviser in NZ, such as Auckland South Immigration Consultants.
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