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Explore the God Zone On A New Zealand Work Visa

A poet named Thomas Bracken named New Zealand ‘God’s Own Country’, which has been shortened to the 'God Zone' by New Zealanders. If once you witness the vast agricultural beauty of New Zealand you will not be surprised by this nickname. Many people want to experience this beautiful country more intimately, and one way to achieve this is with a holiday work visa for New Zealand.

god zone


Harvesting Holidays

Short-term employment opportunities abound in rural areas during the harvest and planting seasons. A wide variety of people young and old from all over the world take working holidays as agricultural contract labourers. Fruit is a particularly large export in New Zealand. Much seasonal work involves picking kiwi, strawberries, or grapes. Although the work is often vigorous, it’s a wonderful way to get fit and to also get some fresh air. In addition you get some cash to help you further enjoy your travels in New Zealand.

Most of the seasonal agricultural jobs involving planting and picking fruit run from December through May. If you are a student in the Northern Hemisphere, holidaying in New Zealand on work visa you may want to consider vineyard work, which occurs in August.

Sheep-Shearing Holidays

Stock-handling is another way to go on working holiday to New Zealand. New Zealand has become almost stereotyped for its large number of sheep. If you can get a job sheep-shearing, your opportunities for seasonal work increase tenfold. Not only will you learn a skill, but sheep-shearing occurs seasonally at different months all around New Zealand.

Some sheep-shearers travel from place to place simply shearing sheep all year round. In order to shear sheep you must be patient, athletic, and have good manual dexterity and good balance. Sheep-shearing is either learned on the job, or else you can take a sheep-shearing course.

WWOOF – Room and Board For An Agricultural Experience

Perhaps you like the idea of a working holiday, but you'd prefer to learn and do more? Never fear. There is another way to get to know the New Zealand backcountry and that is through rural farm exchange programs, such as WWOOF. Through WWOOF, volunteers can find work on organic farms. Stays can last from one week to six months. During that time, volunteers help out on a farm. As a WWOOF volunteer you will get the chance to experience many aspects of farming life, from sowing seed to cheese-making to bottling honey.

Where to Apply

Seasonal agricultural work is solicited often through websites such as Backpackerboard, Trademe, and Anywork Anywhere.


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