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Getting Married in New Zealand: Basics of Prospective Marriage Visa

Life can be unexpected at times, and something unplanned can bring drastic changes. For instance, you may find yourself meeting the love of your life in another country, perhaps in New Zealand or Australia. Then, you realise that the person you love is someone you’re willing to share the rest of your life with.
Before you start preparing for the wedding, however, it’s important that you finish all the important paperwork first, particularly your visa in New Zealand or Australia. Australia allows individuals engaged to an Australian or New Zealand citizen to enter the country and marry their fiancée or fiancé through an Australian Prospective Marriage visa.
prospective marriage visa

A Look at the Australian Prospective Marriage Visa
In a nutshell, an Australian Prospective Marriage visa, or a fiancé visa, is offered to people who want to go to Australia and marry their prospective spouse. Keep in mind, though, that this visa is only valid for nine months, and you are expected to be married to your fiancée or fiancé within this period.
Once your application is approved, you are free to travel, work, and study in Australia. In fact, you may even hold your wedding outside the country, as long as you abide to the nine-month validity period. Should you decide to live in Australia or New Zealand as a married couple, you may then apply for a Partner Visa. This visa then identifies you as a permanent resident.
Knowing the Requirements
The first thing to know about applying for a fiancé visa is that it must be applied offshore, and applicants must be outside Australia at the time that their visa is granted. Other than being engaged to an Australian citizen or permanent resident or an eligible New Zealand resident, you must also be able to demonstrate that you personally know and met your fiancé(e) physically.
You must also show that you will marry your fiancé(e) within the validity period of your visa, and you’re intending to live in a genuine spousal relationship with him or her. As part of the requirements, you are also required to complete health and character requirements.
Your fiancé(e), on the other hand, will act as your sponsor as you apply for a Prospective Marriage visa. He or she is expected to be financially responsible for you and any dependent family member.
Need help in applying for a Prospective Marriage visa? Seek help from an NZ immigration adviser, like those from Auckland South Immigration Consultants and begin your new life as a married man or woman in Australia!
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