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The Benefits of Immigration Advisers Working by a Code of Conduct

Immigrating to a new country can be a challenge particularly when you don’t know anyone to help you. There are so many requirements that aspiring immigrants have to meet. One solution you have in such a situation is to get an immigration adviser. If you intend to immigrate to New Zealand, professional advice will be useful in so many ways.

A migration adviser is a licensed expert who offers advice on immigration matters for a fee. The important takeaway here is “licensed”. You can’t rely on just anyone to give immigration advice. In New Zealand, the Immigration Authority gives the licensing.

code of conduct


One reason you should always use a licensed immigration adviser in NZ is because they operate under a Code of Conduct, and that offers you several benefits.


Licensed immigration advisers have to carry themselves in a professional manner. You may not be aware of the regulations to stick to when applying for a New Zealand visa or other immigration matters. An adviser that is professional takes the time to provide you with all the information you need. If you have previously used an immigration adviser, they can help you terminate the previous contract.

Reasonable Fees

When using a licensed immigration adviser, expect fair and reasonable fees. The Code of Conduct sets out guidelines of how advisers must proceed when it comes to charging fees. For instance, when getting a consultation, you must first agree to the fees and terms of payment. It does not matter whether an adviser is giving you a free consultation or not, they still have to provide a written agreement. The advantage this provides is that you know what you will be paying for the services without worrying about hidden costs.

Security of Documents

An immigration adviser that operates under the IAA Code of Conduct will ensure the security of your documents. Sometimes people lose their papers after entrusting them to immigration professionals. With a licensed adviser you have guarantees that all appropriate measures are in place to keep your documents safe. You also have assurances that when it's time to get the documents back, your adviser will return them safely.

Know who is Exempt

One question that aspiring immigrants ask is if there is a difference between using an immigration lawyer and adviser. Some professionals can give immigration advice without licensing from IAA. However, the scope of that information can be limited. For instance, lawyers are exempt from licensing, but they must have a certificate to practice from the New Zealand Law Society. Your adviser has the responsibility of availing the Code of Conduct.


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