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With ICT on the Rise, Professionals Seek New Zealand Residency Visa

Did you know that the most advanced wireless charging system was invented in New Zealand? Indeed, it  was created by PowerbyProxi, an offshoot of the University of Auckland. The technology was so impressive that the company is now partly funded by tech giant Samsung.
new zealand residency visa
This little tidbit more or less encapsulates the ICT landscape in New Zealand. While Japan is still widely considered the land of all things bleeding edge, New Zealand has quietly built for itself a reputation as a global ICT powerhouse. In fact, several international companies have chosen the country as their headquarters, including game developer Gameloft and Fujitsu, a leading provider of IT services.
The industry itself is booming, reaching an important milestone back in 2014: for the first time, the number of companies in the field hit 10,000 and employment saw a 12% increase.
Still, the country is struggling to fill the employment demands of this burgeoning field. Why? Innovation is at the core of IT, and you can’t expect mediocre employees to generate groundbreaking ideas. In other words, hiring standard for the industry is sky high, and finding that person with the right combination of deep experience and good culture fit can be a challenge.
On the upside, this shortage opens up a golden opportunity for skilled migrant workers, one that’s truly hard to pass up. The salary, for instance, is about twice the average for the rest of New Zealand. There’s also the opportunity to experience an entirely different culture and learn from the best minds in the business.
Still, an impressive CV is not the only requirement to start a fruitful career in New Zealand’s ICT industry. Before anything else, you need to first secure a work visa. Also, if you want to live in the country long term, you’ll also need to get a work to residence visa in New Zealand.
Luckily, securing such documents can be made easier by working with licensed immigration advisers like South Auckland Immigration Consultants. These firms are well versed in the visa application process and can guide you through it to ensure timely approval. Aside from helping you attain the New Zealand residency visa authorities require, they can also assist with your family’s visa needs if you wish to bring them over to the country.
Indeed, ICT is an exciting field to be part of. With the help of immigration advisers, skilled and qualified foreign workers have a better chance of landing their dream job in New Zealand.
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