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Licensed Immigration Adviser Provides New Zealand Work Visa Services

Auckland, New Zealand (22 February 2016) – Auckland South Immigration Consultants specializes in providing assistance to applicants through their New Zealand work visa services. The company provide services for other types of visa as well. Their focus is making the immigration process easier by ensuring that their services allow for stress-free transactions and easy access. Additionally, the company has just become licensed to offer services in Australia.

Experienced management eases applicants into the process

Auckland South Immigration Consultants is familiar with all the various issues that may arise when securing a work visa in New Zealand. This is why they made sure that their management are equipped with the specific knowledge in order to address any problems. Their professionals can advise applicants if there are any concerns that may affect the process of their application negatively. They will then do their best to help applicants obtain visas and seamlessly transition into the life a New Zealand resident.

Managing the work visa application

The company is more than qualified to manage the work visa application for applicants. They primarily assist people in obtaining New Zealand work visas and New Zealand working visas. Applications must adhere to Essential Skills requirements and include an offer of full time employment for which the applicant is qualified, meets the requirements and specifies payment is by wage or salary.  All applicants must produce evidence to show that they have a suitable job offer, they are suitably qualified by training and experience to do the job and can meet any of the necessary New Zealand registration requirements. Essential Skills are listed by the New Zealand Government and it also provides a Skills Match Report to employers.  For more, click  http://www.asic.co.nz/Immigration+Services/Work+Visa.html.

To learn more about how Auckland South Immigration Consultants can aid applicants in applying for work visas, contact them today.

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