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New Zealand Residence Visa Adviser Provides Top Immigration Services

Auckland, New Zealand (22 February 2016) – Trusted New Zealand residence visa adviser, Auckland South Immigration Consultants Limited has recently become licensed to offer their services in Australia. The company is known for specializing in New Zealand residence visas, providing services for people who wish to qualify to immigrate to the country. Their services are supported by the highest standards in the industry and are designed to allow for easy access and stress-free transactions.

As a licensed residence visa adviser, Auckland South Immigration Consultants Limited strives to be the best in the industry. The following qualities of the company are what sets them apart from the others in the business:

Experienced and knowledgeable

Auckland South Immigration Consultants Limited boasts of their highly experienced and knowledgeable management. This allow them to easily handle any issue that would affect the process of securing a visa. The company can provide advice to people who qualify for a visa in order to avoid those issues. This way, applicants can proceed smoothly into immigrating to the country without any hassles.

Application assistance for residence visas

The company provides a full range of services. They offer application assistance for New Zealand residence visa, New Zealand work to residence visa, New Zealand residency visa. Once approved, an immigrant will be granted a Resident Visa which will allow travel to New Zealand multiple times and stay in the country provided that he or she is granted entry permission.

Holders of Resident Visas who have complied with the conditions on their visa and have shown commitment to the country will eventually be granted Permanent Resident Visas. To qualify for this, an immigrant must be in New Zealand as a resident for a total of 184 days or more in each of the 12-month periods of the 24 months immediately after applying for a permanent resident visa. Applicants should also note that business visas can also lead to permanent residency after 2 years.

Auckland South Immigration Consultants Limited can also manage applications for Family and Parent visas. Immigrants can also get a work to residence visa by applying for occupations that are in demand in New Zealand or receiving a job offer from an accredited employer. Acquiring a work to resident visa may also be possible for people displaying exceptional talent in sports or arts.

Get in touch with Auckland South Immigration Consultants Limited today to learn more about their services. For more information, click http://www.asic.co.nz/Immigration+Services/Residence+Visa.html.

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