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Business Visa

Business Visa 

To be eligible for residence in New Zealand under our Entrepreneur Category, you need to have successfully established, and be self-employed or working in, a business that is benefitting New Zealand. 
You may have applied for, and gained, a long term business visa so you could establish the business, and now wish to apply for residence. If so, you:
  • must have established, purchased, or made a substantial investment of at least 25 per cent in a business operating in New Zealand, and
  • must have been self-employed or, if you’re a part-owner, have worked in that business for two years before you apply for residence as an entrepreneur, and
  • or any partner or children who are with you must not have sought social welfare assistance, and
  • need to show that you've met the requirements for establishing your business in New Zealand.
Where you were granted a long term business visa, your application for residence would be declined if:
  • your business is different from the one included in your long term business visa application, and 
  • fails to meet business plan requirements, and
  • the business does not have at least the same level of investment as your original proposal, and
  • you do not have the relevant experience in the business.

You don’t need to have a long term business visa

If you have successfully established a business that’s been operating for two years. In this case, you can apply for a resident visa under the Entrepreneur Category.



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