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Family / Partner / Parent Category Visa

Family / Partner / Parent Category Visa 




Parents of New Zealand residents or citizens 

The new Parent Category was introduced on 30 July 2012. Applicants need to submit an Expression of Interest to Immigration New Zealand and must be invited to apply before they can be in position to submit a residence application. This is a two-tiered system whereby residence is granted under the requirements of either Tier one or Tier two.


To apply as a partner of a resident or citizen, the couple should meet the requirement of being in a genuine and stable relationship thereby satisfying the four-fold test of their relationship. For example, they need to satisfy the immigration officer deciding on the application that they are credible in their relationship and they have lived together in a genuine and stable relationship for at least one year. This means that the couple should provide evidence of intending to be in a long term relationship that is likely to endure.

What do you mean by a genuine and stable relationship?

A genuine and stable relationship under the provisions of the Immigration New Zealand guidelines means that a couple who is either married or in partnership must meet the four-fold test to prove that their relationship is of a long term nature and is likely to endure. The four-fold test includes:- 
  • Credibility – Immigration New Zealand needs credible evidence of the relationship such as letters from family or friends proving public recognition of the relationship 
  • Live together – The couple must have lived together for a reasonable period of time i.e. a minimum of 1 year – any periods of separation must be justified for instance work/family commitments
  • Genuine – The couple must be in a position to justify their relationship with intent to maintain a long term relationship together exclusive of others with evidence such as common interests and hobbies, outlining little known facts about each other, previous applications made together if any and so on
  • Stability – The couple need to provide satisfactory evidence of a lengthy formative relationship leading up to marriage or entering into a de facto relationship such as children from the relationship if any, sharing of assets and liabilities and so on 

Dependent Child 

The maximum age for a dependent child is 24 years. To be considered dependent as an adult child, the child would be single and would have no children of their own. A dependent child must be totally or substantially reliant on their parent(s) for financial support, whether living with them or not. Children who are between 18 to 20 years of age are regarded as financially reliant on their parents. 


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