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The above link is a short video from our finalist presentation for Westpac Awards in 2015

Client satisfaction for providing service with integrity is evidenced from the testimonials  and video s:

“Atesh knows what he is doing and uses his best judgement to make decisions.”

I was having trouble with my residency visa with changes going on from August 2017. My hopes were all shattered as 3 of the immigration advisers that i visited rejected my application stating i don't meet the criteria. I then went to Atesh, he would be the last adviser i would see before i set my mind to return to my homeland. But Atesh turned the tables. He explained me the possibilities of my case and he was very hopeful that i would get my residency. Me on the other hand was still having doubts. He guided me to make proper documentation. He would always reply to my call or text be it early morning, late night or even when he was overseas. He kept me updated with the progress of my application and within 5 months i got my residency.

Atesh accounts every case very closely, he is very friendly and very professional at the same time. I would never hesitate to recommend anyone to him.

Bikash Acharya

Country of Origin: Nepal

“Excellent proactive communication and regular follow up gave me confidence my visa application was in good hands.”

Auckland South Immigration Consultants made the visa process very simple and straightforward. I always felt confident about my application because I was kept up to date with the current status and what the next steps would be. They really took the time to understand my situation, took control and helped me to get stuff done. They were very courteous and never dropped the ball, they were always on the case.

Simon Rutherford
Country of Origin: UK
Rating Given: Excellent

Atesh made the visa application process so easy and he really understands immigration law.

It was a pleasure to deal with Atesh, he was always very professional and polite. The way he explained the process was very easy to understand and he helped me assemble all of the correct documentation needed. He is very trustworthy, so it was easy to leave my original documents with him. He went out of his way to help me, minimizing the time I had to take off work. I feel like I have made a friend for life in him. I have referred several people to him already as I know he will do a great job for them too.

Manoj Prasad
Country of Origin: Fiji
Rating Given: Excellent

Atesh is the best immigration adviser I have met, I would never go to anyone else.

Atesh was always available if I had any questions. He kept me up to date on the process and made the whole application very easy. He was honest, efficient, and really knows the law. He is a very kind and approachable guy, I always felt comfortable discussing my situation with him. I got along with him so well that we even meet up socially as friends now. I would definitely recommend Atesh’s services to anyone looking for help with their visa application.

Zeljka Miscevic
Country of Origin: Croatia
Rating Given: Excellent

Atesh made the visa process quick, easy and painless. He handled the whole process from start to finish, I had to do hardly anything myself.

When I went to apply for my residence visa I thought it was going to be a long and difficult process, but with Atesh’s help the visa was issued in just 2 months and 7 days. I was very impressed with his communication, how easy he made everything, and his professionalism. I have dealt with other immigration advisers in the past and Atesh’s service was mind-blowing in comparison. Words simply cannot express how good Atesh is at what he does.

Kavneel Goundar
Country of Origin: Fiji
Rating Given: Excellent

All I had to do was give Atesh my papers and he completely took care of everything.

I was very impressed with Atesh, he was far more professional than another adviser I had used for a previous application. He was very flexible on when we could meet to prevent me having to take time away from work. He handled everything and made the process very easy. Atesh was great to deal with, always very nice and helpful.

Risheel Vasant Dass
Country of Origin: Fiji
Rating Given: Excellent

I would never have been issued my visa if it wasn’t for Atesh.

I initially made the mistake of trying to submit my own visa application to Immigration NZ. When I found that I hadn’t followed the process correctly, Atesh quickly helped me fix the issues. He was very honest in all of his communication and really took the time to study my case. Atesh was very easy to get hold of and always gave me great advice. I would not hesitate to recommend his excellent and professional services to anyone.

Andy Chen
Country of Origin: Singapore
Rating Given: Excellent

Atesh was friendly and personable. He got the job done!

Atesh helped an employee of mine obtain a visa. He was professional to deal with and always presented well. He provided great advice on the documentation we were required to submit as an employer. I would recommend his services to others.

Martin Dold, Crows Refractory
Rating Given: Good

Atesh really knows what he is doing and made the process a lot simpler for us.

I had been back and forth with Immigration for about 6 months when we were trying to help an employee of ours get a work visa. Atesh came along and sorted the whole thing within a month. He definitely got us out of trouble because he knew what he was doing. The whole process was quick and easy when Atesh came on board.

Gareth William, Akarana Timbers
Rating Given: Excellent


I was planning to do a Post Graduation Course, I got Atesh's reference through a friend of mine.

I emailed him with just a brief details, seeking advise, his reply was immediate. I quickly googled him and was not difficult to find him, at times you wonder with all the scammers around, but he is genuine and Licensed. The best part dealing with him is his flexibility of operating hours, coz. Where I stay is like - 10 hours from New Zealand, initially I thought it would be difficult to coordinate, but he is reachable through out the day& night.

My process was smooth and stress free as I totally got dependent on him, I must say choosing his advice was not a mistake. My Visa got approved.

Jay Bhatt (Qatar)


I was facing some relationship problems which could had led my partner from withdrawing her support for my work visa under partnership category.

I heard about Atesh from one of his Radio advertisements and did some research on his Website. After discussing my situation with him, Atesh was able to provide me with a straight forward solution and assisted me with the application for work visa. My work visa was approved for a three-year period.

After getting a positive result, I then requested Atesh to provide me assistance with my resident visa under the Skilled Migrant Category. He did submit my application and within five months time period, I received a call from ASIC in the morning to advise me that my resident visa was approved. I was over the moon to hear this great news and it was a very pleasant experience for me.

I felt very comfortable all the way as he was a nice and easy person to deal with. I was very pleased for I could deal with him at my own pace and could see him after work.

I would definitely recommend Atesh to any of my friends to use his consultancy services.

Resident Visa

Ziad Khan (Fiji)

Ashneil Navin Kumar-377I first came to New Zealand on a Visitor Visa. I was fortunately able to secure a job offer here in New Zealand. I was then looking for immigration advisers for the guidance. Through reference, I contacted Atesh and made an appointment last year. He handled my application with great care and helped me to understand the policies. My work visa got approved for three years. I then did my Variation of Conditions (VOC) on work visa. As soon as my VOC was approved, Atesh suggested me to apply for Resident Visa under Skilled Migrant Category. He explained me the steps involved in detail. I am glad I listened to him and asked for his assistance. He then did my Expression of Interest and when I received Invitation to Apply, he applied for my Resident Visa. This has been approved recently. Me and my wife are really thankful to Atesh for guiding us correctly. Without him it would not be possible with ease.

All we wish to Atesh and his company is to maintain their reputation and work ethics. Thank you and may god bless you.

Resident Visa
Ashneil and Shaleen Kumar (Fiji)
I have known Atesh for nearly two years now. I first consulted him for my Post-Study Work Visa. Later he assisted me for Work Visa under Essential Skills. He is very transparent in his work. He is full of humour as well as fully dedicated to his service. I usually met him after office hours and on weekends and he always offered me appointment times that were convenient to me.

I did my Resident Visa under Skilled Migrant Category last year and this has been approved within six months. This has left me with no doubt that ASIC is one of the best immigration consulting company. They are doing a remarkable job and I always trust them. They are great people providing an extraordinary service.

Resident Visa
Manpreet Singh (India)

I am proud to provide feedback about Atesh, our Immigration Adviser. My partner had applied for a work visa under graduate work experience. After a week, my partner and I came to see Atesh for the first time. He helped us to withdraw my application and helped us apply for a visitor visa instead. Atesh even took the time to visit my partner to get documents signed when she did not have transport. At the end of the day my partner got a 3-month visitor visa. Atesh then assisted her in obtaining herself a student visa.
After her studies, we consulted Atesh to apply for Work Visa under Partnership.  He e-mailed us the checklist of all the necessary documents. We followed his instructions and guidance. I have seen transparency and honesty in his work and that has built a trust on him. Yay!! Tina got the Work Visa under Partnership for one year.
Tina applied for residence visa under partnership and this is also approved. The credit goes to the continuous support and help we received from ASIC team . Tina and I heartily want to say thank you ASIC and wishing you a great success in the coming years.
Thi Minh Hoang (Tina) Tran and Henry Ha (Vietnam)
PP-751-990I am really impressed with ASIC service. They have great potential and knowledge on what they provide. Atesh gave me professional advice and the checklist of required documents for my application at the very first meeting. This has helped me to organise everything in time and apply for my visa.
It is their effortless help and guidance that I got my visa approved over three years prior to expiry of my visa. Best wishes to ASIC. Keep the good work.

Avishal Asneil Din (Fiji)

We were looking for a reliable immigration adviser and my husband got Atesh’s contact from Google. We contacted him and felt we can trust him. He had arranged an appointment according to our convenience mostly in the evenings. In our first meeting, he explained us all the immigration instructions with no fees, which we all know no one does.  He provided us the checklist of documents to be submitted. Finally, I got my Work visa approved. Besides being a professional immigration adviser, Atesh is a genuine and down to earth person. Thank you for the service and good luck to ASIC.
Zara Khan (Pakistan)

Atesh had gone out of his way to assist us in our visitor visa and work visa applications. He made sure we understood the entire process and helped us in every step of the way. We will be recommending him to all our friends and families who are looking at seeking immigration advice for their move into New Zealand
Lui Siaosi, Lesina Iosefo and Mary Pepa (Samoa)
PP-74Kia Ora, I am Huanhuan (Joy) sincerely appreciate Atesh and Pooja for their effort and professionalism. You guys are humble, affectionate, and honest. I was under stress and confused about immigration processes. It was Atesh who put me on ease. I had followed Atesh’s guidance and WOW the result was fruitful. I express my wholehearted thank you to this amazing ASIC team. Wish you a prosperous business, may more people can be beneficiary from your service.

Joy (China)


We would like to express our sincere thanks to Atesh Narayan for the efforts that he put in to assist Jonathan obtain a visitor visa and later a work visa. Although the case officer had made life difficult for us in terms of questioning about a technicality about culturally arranged marriages, Atesh was very knowledgeable and helpful in assisting us in our pre-interview preparations. The great thing about Atesh is that he has continued to keep in contact with our family and has helped us in every way possible. He has even seen us after hours through appointment times convenient to us. 

Atesh provides a very high standard of service at a reasonable fee. Auckland South Immigration provides a very efficient customer service and therefore we have no hesitation in using Atesh for our future immigration requirements. He takes keen interest in his work and we will surely recommend his services to our friends and families. 

Jonathan Ezekiel Oliver Stanley & Melody De'Cruz (India)

image1-44-264I am Abhijit Mallik from Qatar and I had applied for my student visa for New Zealand twice. Each time it got declined. This was really frustrating. Fortunately, my friend referred me Atesh’s details stating that he is a genuine and qualified immigration adviser and insisted me to contact him at the earliest possible convenience. I am happy to recommend ASIC to everyone who is looking for a competent immigration adviser. I emailed Atesh with all my queries and situation. I was so surprised with the quick response. I have also contacted Atesh through phone and skype.

In every step, ASIC has guided me and provided me all their support. They kept on updating me about my visa application. I really do appreciate the service provided by the team. Even when I got a PPI letter from Immigration New Zealand, Atesh dealt with it professionally. I am so happy that with the timeless effort and Atesh’s professional experience, my student visa was approved. I am now in New Zealand. We further consulted ASIC for my wife and children’ visa process. Their visas too approved.

A big Cheers to Atesh and the team. Keep on doing the good work.

Abhijit Mallik (Qatar)

I would like to express my hearty thanks to Atesh for assisting me in my Domestic Violence case. Initially, I had consulted a commercial lawyer to deal with my application. However, she kept my file for two months and failed to lodge it for me.
Through a friend of mine, I consulted Atesh who assisted me in my work visa and resident visa applications. Atesh also helped me to prepare for my final interview and accompanied me to the interview at the Henderson Branch of Immigration New Zealand. I was very surprised to get an approval prior to the expiry of my visa. I was also facing some difficulties at the border in Nadi International Airport and Atesh assisted me to return to New Zealand. This was when I had travelled to visit my sick mum in Fiji.
With his continued support, I was granted a residence visa along with my son and daughter. We are very delighted with the result and very thankful for Atesh’s guidance and experience. We wish Atesh all the success in his business.
Satya Wati (Fiji)

Amitesh-540I had done my work visa application by myself and it got declined. Actually my employer had failed to understand the immigration instructions which required him to provide genuine attempt to recruit a New Zealand citizen or resident for the position. My brother-in-law knows Atesh as a soccer player and Licensed Immigration Adviser. He introduced me to Atesh one day before the visa expiry date.

Although Atesh saw me at around 5:00 pm in the evening, he completed my online application within couple of hours and ensured that I got my interim visa to maintain my lawful status in New Zealand. In the meanwhile, ASIC did my wife and two children Section 61 applications. With a least expectation, in a week time, all our applications got approved for three months’ period. We are so elated with the prompt service and successful outcome of our applications. I would be doing our work and visitor visa applications and with no doubt ASIC assistance is all we want. The honesty and flexibility ASIC has showed us we will always recommend them to anyone seeking accurate immigration advice from a reliable immigration adviser with integrity.
Amitesh Lal (Fiji)


Pruthik and Rachana Patel  (India)
It gives me immense pleasure to write this testimonial for Atesh whom I knew as a classmate and then an Immigration adviser.

Something very different about Atesh is that his work is very transparent. He is very reliable, honest and gives full dedication to the work assigned. Another best part we found is that Atesh is available for meetings almost any time of the day, even after regular office hours which makes it very convenient to deal with him.

With his support and guidance, we got our residence in a very short time. We sincerely thank Atesh for being a good and trustworthy adviser and recommend everyone to go along with him.

Our employee, Chairee Tarakun became unlawful due to some misunderstanding in our part in providing Immigration New Zealand with his employment information along with not providing them with a copy of his Summary of Earnings over a certain period of time.
We consulted Atesh who asked us to provide all the information and eventually got his unlawful status restored within two weeks. He went out of his way to get my employees visa label issued at the Henderson Branch. I am a manager of Na NaThai Restaurant and will surely recommend my staff as well as my colleagues to use Auckland South Immigration Consultants Limited for their reliable and honest service.
Nacha  Kasemkiatsakool and Somkiat Sundee (Thailand)

Graham CooperI am very pleased to inform you that Atesh gave me a very professional and an exceptional service. He went out of his way and left no stone unturned in assisting me. My visa application took only ten days. He was very efficient and he kept me informed in every step of the way. From the start, his openness, honesty and attitude was great. Atesh went over and above what I expected of him and was successful in getting my visa in time to commence my employment. He even took his time to visit my employer in North Shore to discuss my situation and complete the relevant documents. I would highly recommend Auckland South Immigration Consultants, for anyone looking for an Immigration Adviser with integrity. Thanks Atesh.

Graham Cooper (UK)

PP-391-686I have contacted Atesh in September 2015 after I was referred to him through a family friend. At that time, I was on a visitor visa to holiday and sightsee most of New Zealand. Atesh contacted a potential employer for me and through his efforts, I managed to obtain a one-year work visa. In July 2016, I contacted him again after I found a new employer.  Atesh immediately got all my documents sorted and liaised with my new employer. He submitted my work visa application on 31 July 2016 and it got approved for three years in a matter of three days’ time.
I am very excited and thankful to ASIC team for their cooperation and support in achieving this outcome in a few days’ time. One thing that really impressed me was that I was given all my appointments in the evenings. ASIC has a great potential and effort. The team has not left any stone unturned to assist me to get my application successful.
You guys are awesome and thank you for a job well done. I will surely refer my family and friends to ASIC for accurate immigration advice from a qualified professional
Nilesh Kumar (Fiji)

PP-714Atesh is very well known in our Fiji-Indian Community for his professionalism, friendliness, and down to earth nature. One of my friends introduced him to me when I was looking for immigration advice. He explained me the immigration rules and regulations.
He even helped me and my employer for organizing all the documents necessary for my application. He discussed with me each and everything in detail. He usually makes an appointment according to his client’s convenience and I made most of my appointment in the evenings which he always welcomed. ASIC always answers you, guides you and welcomes you any day and at any time. I am really grateful for Atesh and the team for their assistance in making my application a success. I trusted ASIC and their work which had resulted in approval of my work visa under Essential Skills Category.
My application was approved for three years in a matter of two weeks’ time. I do appreciate the prompt service and excellent attention to detail exhibited by Atesh during the course of my application process. I wish ASIC good luck for their future.
​Sachin Raj (Fiji)

We consulted Mr Narayan for my visa requirements from India. He asked us to provide relevant documentations to support the application.  He explained the process and provided feedback during each part of the application process. His guidance helped in getting my visitor visa over nine months. We then consulted him for his work visa and got it approved within three days. We will definitely be using him for our residence visa application.

The service provided was great and I would recommend Mr. Narayan of Auckland South Immigration Consultants Ltd to anyone seeking Immigration assistance.

Noor Mizba and Javed Khan (India)

Having lodged my work visa application myself, I got a two page letter from Immigration New Zealand concerning my job description. I immediately consulted Atesh to assist me through using his knowledge of the Immigration policies. He not only assisted me in replying to the letter but dealing with the case officer. I finally got a two year work visa.
I really appreciate his honest and reliable approach to explaining us the complex immigration process and keeping us informed at all times. Thank you so much for doing a great job.
Hapreet Kaur and Jaskeet Sandhu (India)

My dealing with Auckland South Immigration Consultants was very pleasant, professional and reliable. The service was fast and all the information was provided in a very short time. Eventually, I was in a position to get myself a work visa within a week and this was in time to commence my employment in the hotel industry. Thanks for doing such a fantastic job.

Katrin Denise Blockus (Germany)

Atesh assisted us in our Permanent Resident Class visa application under the Skilled Migrant Category. The immigration process is quite complex and stressful. However, he made it all easy by keeping us well informed until the success of our application. It was great dealing with him and I would surely recommend him for his integrity, initiative and a prompt and reliable service
Diwakar Dipak Mudliar and Pritika Naikar (Fiji)

We are very pleased with the immigration service we received from Auckland South Immigration Consultants and would recommend the same to anyone else.

In applying for our resident visa, we had asked several questions to Atesh. He has helped us with all the queries and we were able to better understand the immigration policies.  The consultant’s sound knowledge of immigration law was very useful for us in order to proceed with the resident visa. 

The services provided by the consultant was very reliable and of a high standard. However, his fees are moderate. Auckland South Immigration is professional in its approach, very efficient, honest, of the positive attitude and customer focused. We will not hesitate to recommend his service to our friends.

Bobby Chand and Yashna Bhagat (Fiji)

Thank you very much for your kind support and professional service. We were really impressed with the way you explained each step of the immigration process in our Permanent Residence visa application under SMC. May your business grow successfully. I will surely recommend your services to our friends and colleagues.

Parmesh and Mohini Deo (Fiji)

I got to know of Atesh through one of his advertisements in the Hindi Radio Station. He helped me in every way to find myself a job offer and assist in my work visa application which I got for two years. He took all his time to take me down to Christchurch to arrange an interview with my current employer. Through his kind assistance I am currently employed as a carpenter in Christchurch. May god bless Atesh in providing a much better service to his clients.
Rishi Ram (Fiji)

 We had been dealing with Atesh Narayan of Auckland South Immigration Consultants in order to obtain our residency in New Zealand. During our entire time dealing with Atesh, we found him to be dependable and reliable in lodging our permanent residency application. He provided us with all the relevant information and guided us throughout, having informed us of the process of our application.
Atesh is a great asset to the community. He is always cheerful and is willing to assist with any task. In addition, he is very motivated and interested in doing his job with passion. We highly recommend Atesh to anyone since he is reliable and that we can assure success in dealing with him.
Manik and Roshni Chand (Fiji)

I came to know of Mr Atesh Narayan of Auckland South Immigration Consultants through a common family/friend of mine. During that time I was being frustrated by another Immigration Consultant and not achieving the success I was expecting.  Since engaging Mr Narayan, I have been more than satisfied. My application for Residence Visa under Skill Migrant Category through him and was approved in three months. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Mr. Atesh Narayan of Auckland South Immigration Consultants Limited. His approach was extremely professional throughout the process. 

Anendra Singh
When I couldn't find a good consultant, my partner found Atesh's website on the internet. We contacted him immediately. He gave us quick response and helped us with the first visitor visa a lot. I got my visa soon after I sent the documents out. We will need his help with my next partner visa. Thanks Atesh.

Yuan-Ya Tseng "Tracy"
I have had issues in the past in order to lodge and grant of Work Visas. After having approached Atesh to help me with my visa, I was pleased to receive the professionalism and integrity in his work to make the Immigration procedure a stress-free job for me. He always keeps his door open and will stay communicated at all times during the ongoing application process. Thank you for providing me with results in a timely manner.

Addityaraaj Singh Yogesh Chauhan (India)

I am delighted to express my gratitude to Atesh and the team for the awesome service they have provided me. I contacted Atesh when I was in Fiji to try to get my visitor visa to play soccer with his assistance I got the visa approval and later extension of my visitor visa. Eventually, I got a three-year work visa through his efforts and experience.

I honestly believe Atesh is dedicated, honest, and kind for his service so I will definitely get his service to bring my family here in NZ. I will surely recommend ASIC to my friends, family and anyone who needs a reliable and timely immigration advice.

Alvin Avinesh (Fiji)


I sought assistance from ASIC concerning my work visa under the Essential Skills category. I visited Atesh in the evening on a weekend. He consulted my employer immediately and dealt with him concerning all the relevant paperwork. My employer provided all the required information and Atesh lodged the online application.
Although the immigration online system was delayed due to maintenance issues, my visa was approved within a 3-week period for 3 years. Atesh always informed me about the status of my application at all times. We are very happy to get this outcome and I will definitely consult ASIC to do visas for my wife and children.
One thing that I particularly liked about Atesh is that he chose to see us after hours at our convenience. He has also been in contact with my family to assist us in the best way in settling in New Zealand.

(Deepak Pal-Fiji)

I have contacted Atesh through my friend. We needed assistance with my student visa for my visa would expire in 3 days’ time. Atesh immediately booked an appointment and advised me of an education provider with an affordable fee than the one I had thought of enrolling. He also advised me to organise my medical certificates which was done the next morning. By the close of business, he lodged my online student visa.
I commenced studies upon receiving my interim visa and my student visa was eventually approved within two weeks. I am so happy to study as well as work in New Zealand. I can confirm that without his assistance, my studies would have been impossible. Later, Atesh applied for a work visa for my cousin and he was granted a work visa for 3 years. I will surely recommend Atesh to anyone who wishes to seek immigration advice from an expert and committed adviser. I will definitely consider his services for my any future visa application.

(Krishan Vinay Raj - Fiji)
Work to Residence Visa

When I was in South Africa I contacted Atesh. He immediately provided me with his skype id and we discussed about the possibility of finding employment and work visa to New Zealand. He provided me with some employer names and I was eventually able to get some skype interviews arranged. Later I was offered a position of Software Developer with company based in Christchurch.
Atesh guided me to collect all the necessary documents and helped me obtaining myself a work to residence visa, which was approved within one month. After I arrived in New Zealand, Atesh assisted my wife and kids with their visa applications to join me . We are now all together here in Christchurch. We are looking forward to applying for residence under SMC and surely Atesh will be the person we will consult. Although we are in Christchurch, we have been staying in contact with Atesh for any of our settlement or immigration needs.

(Eugene Van Staden – South Africa)
Eugene van Staden-273-120

Work Visas and Residence for employees 
I, Aman Narayan of Shovik Construction Limited would like to express my sincere gratitude to Atesh Narayan of Auckland South Immigration Consultants Limited for his efforts in securing work visas for the following employees:

1.       6 staff in securing 1-year work visas
2.       6 of my staff got 3 years work visas directly from Fiji. This was made possible through our recruitment conducted in Fiji and his business trip.
3.        Another 2 of our staff got 2 years work visas. 
Overall, we are very impressed with the high level of professionalism and ethics displayed by Atesh. Since our building industry is usually busy during the day, we choose to see Atesh after hours. He always kept us updated with the status of our visa applications at all times and assisted us in getting all our documents certified as well as dealing with each case in a very thorough way.
Furthermore, Atesh has assisted us in the recruitment of a New Zealand resident who is currently a leading hand in our company. He also assists us in the recruitment process by forwarding any CV’s of carpenter and joiners, who are always of a high standard. 
My staff have also got assistance from Atesh in getting their family visas to join them in New Zealand. Atesh is also a sociable person. I will surely recommend Atesh to other companies, who are seeking immigration advice from an experience, trustworthy and a valued consultant.

(Aman Narayan – Shovik Construction Limited - New Zealand)

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